STEMteachersPHX Impact

Since our first public event in January 2015, we are proud to have grown to be composed of STEM teachers from throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area and across the state of Arizona. We are always welcoming new members.

The more diverse our members become, the better we can serve our community. Please consider becoming involved by going to our TALK TO US/JOIN page–we want to hear from you!

Steering Committee

Chantel Dooley

Chantel leads simulations of random mutations and how they spread in populations in lieu of family game night

Chantel Dooley | biology teacher |

Mina Bhagdev
vice president

Mina has bedding, pajamas, and wall paper with the periodic table printed on them

Raxha 'Mina' Bhagdev | chemistry teacher | currently at Hamilton HS in Chandler |

Wendy Hehemann
executive officer

Wendy never leaves home without her whiteboards, markers, and pop-up AMTA banner

Wendy Hehemann | currently at American Modeling Teachers Association |

Cathy Tiedemann

Cathy brings her 'moon on a stick' & flashlight to dinner parties to address misconceptions about lunar eclipses

Catherine Tiedemann | middle school science teacher | currently at Fremont Jr HS |

Amanda Whitehurst
social media maven

Amanda can't eat Oreos without different-colored pudding & sprinkles to show layers of the soil

Amanda Whitehurst | elementary science teacher |

Kelli Gamez Warble

Kelli has been known to show strangers weight vs. age graphs of her son rather than photos

Kelli Gamez Warble | physics & mathematics teacher | currently with ASU physics in Tempe |

We are a subsidiary of the American Modeling Teachers Association, a 501(c) non-profit organization dedicated to creating quality professional development opportunities for teachers of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We welcome and encourage teacher attendees from across the Phoenix area, the state of Arizona, and the US. We are inspired by STEMteachersNYC.