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What unifies science, technology, and engineering? Mathematics, of course!

Hamilton High School
Chandler, AZ
10:00 am-1:00 pm
$10 pre-registration | $12 at the door

Facility with mathematical thinking is essential to student understanding of science, engineering, and technology.

This event will focus on the connections between mathematics and the fields of science, technology, and engineering.  Attendees will get to select several sessions to attend. Highlights include:

  • Scottsdale Community College chemistry instructor Phil Root on proportional reasoning for middle school students and beyond–encourage students to compare numbers sensibly rather than mindlessly using unit analysis
  • Estrella Mtn Community College physics instructor David Weaver shares his “Soak Da’ Teach” activity relating water balloon projectile motion to a parabola
  • and more…Every Line Tells a Story (including a spaghetti bridge!)|Banquet Seating and a Trip to Outer Space to develop perimeter, area, and volume concepts|Using a Ferris Wheel simulation to model trigonometric functions


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