Making Whiteboards

Helpful Documents

Tips & Directions: Make your own Whiteboards

Construction Directions:  No Moving Parts Whiteboard Stand

'No Moving Parts' WB stand

Making a Premium Whiteboard

Waxing a Whiteboard

Using Whiteboards to Encourage Classroom Discourse

Resources from Keynote 'Speaker' Dwain Desbien

D.Desbien’s powerpoint: ‘Discussions, Whiteboards, and Questioning’

D.Desbien’s presentation in pdf form: Discussions, Whiteboards, and Questioning

Synopsis of Dwain’s dissertation on Modeling Discourse Management

Excerpt from Dwain’s dissertation (chapter on Modeling Discourse Management)

Whiteboarding Tips from Experienced Teachers

Comments on degree of teacher vs. student control of discussions

Tips on improving whiteboard discussions

Using the Mistake Game to increase student discourse (from STEMteachersNYC member Kelly O’Shea’s blog–note that Kelly has many handy resources on the Whiteboarding page of her blog!)

Discourse Comments from chemistry teachers Dukerich and Royce

Additional Classroom Resources & Student Guidelines

Sample Pesentation Instructions for creating a quality whiteboard

Engagement Rules for whiteboarding circles (courtesy John Griffith Mesa Community College)

Whiteboarding Presentation Rubric