1st Annual Unconference Proceedings

January 30, 2016

Resources from Whiteboarding 101

May 7, 2016

Special thanks to our hosts: the instructors at Estrella Moutain Community College

Keynote Presenter

Whiteboarding Tips

Classroom Resources

Making a Premium Whiteboard

'No Moving Parts' Whiteboard Stand

Waxing a Whiteboard

Resources from Whiteboarding 102

October 22, 2016

Resources from Coding 101

August 20, 2016

Special thanks to our hosts: Wilson Elementary School in Phoenix

Resources from Desbien and Weaver

Resources for Purchase

As Available

T-shirts, whiteboards, and whiteboard stands are available for purchase, but typically cannot be shipped. Please dowload and complete the form shown and follow the directions to contact us about availability. STEMteachersPHX order form_April_17