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  1. September Session [TBD]

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  2. New School Year, New Science Standards

    New school-year, new science standards. Return to your classroom with engaging lessons, activities & resources, and feel prepared for the shift in classroom instruction that…

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  3. Join the Maker Movement!

    Join the maker movement! Begin with Makey Makey, the invention kit for everyone! Then take your make and tinker projects to the next level by…

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  4. Castles N’ Coasters with AzAAPT

    Co-hosted with AzAAPT, this Saturday Session will explore the true integration of STEM disciplines at a classic theme-park located in the heart of our city.…

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  5. May The Fourth Be With You: Astronomy In The Classroom

    Whom: Elementary, Middle, High School, and College Teachers and Administrators When: Saturday, May 4th 2019 | 4pm-7pm with star gazing to follow Where: South Mountain…

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    We offer memberships at $50 per year - this gets you access to all STEMteachersPHX sessions, saving you up to $45 per year on session…

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